Dr. Nanang Ganda Prawira, M.Sn


Date of Birth: February 2, 1962
Time Service / Entities: 34 years

Member Associations


  • AP2SENI (Association Education Program of Dramatic Arts, Dance and Music)

  • APSI (Educators Association of Indonesian Art)

  • ASPRODI DKV Indonesia (Association of Study Programs) Visual Communication Design)


He has 34 years of experience in research, teaching and community service in the fields of art, design and culture education. In his position as head of the Visual Communication Design department, he is responsible for teaching courses in Western Art History, Indonesian Art History, Art Theory (Art Review, Art Philosophy, Art Science, Aesthetics), Fine Art Criticism, Fine Art Education (For School Teachers). Basics), Aesthetics, Design History, Design Overview.


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Doctor In the field of Art Studies. Padjajaran University.


Master in Fine Arts and Design Studies. Bandung Institute of Technology.


Bechelor of Fine Arts Education, University of Indonesia Education



Implement Tridharma (three pillars) higher education which includes education, research, and community service

work notes

2018-Present Head of UPI’s Visual Communication Design Study Program.

2003-2007 Head of the Department of Fine Arts Education, Faculty of Language and Arts Education (FPBS) UPI 

2004-2010 Assessor of BAN-PT Balitbang Kemdikbud

2003-2007 Director of the Center for Research and Community Service (P3M) Indonesian College of Art and Design (STISI)