Prof.Dr. Hj. Tati Narawati, M.Hum.


Professor; Lecturer
Date of Birth: December 5, 1952
Time Service / Entities: 34 years

Member Associations


  • AP2SENI (Association Education Program of Dramatic Arts, Dance and Music)

  • APSI (Educators Association of Indonesian Art)


He has 34 years of research, teaching and community service experience in arts education and ethnochoreology.


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Doctor In the field of Cultural Sciences, Gajah Mada University


Master in Performing Arts Studies. Gajah Mada University.


Bechelor of Dance at the Indonesian College of Arts, Surakarta.



Implement Tridharma (three pillars) higher education which includes education, research, and community service

work notes

2002-2003 Secretary of the Cultural Technical Implementation Unit

2004-2006 Secretary of the UPI Graduate School of Art Education Study Program.

2004-2019 Head of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of UPI Culture; 

2007-2015   Member of the Commission for Science BAN PT.

2006-2010 Head of Art Education Study Program Sps UPI